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Master Kevin

Kevin is available for:

-Custom matches

-Cam sessions

-Custom Videos

Book him by:


-Messaging him on Skype:

List of Matches:

Scrawny Runt Destroyed

Jason Rhodes and Master Kevin face off in a long anticipated match, but Bryce Barrigan attempts to ambush the God.

Cash Drain 1

Damien Rush is a spoiled boy used to getting what he wants for the price he wants. But when he applies this logic to Master Kevin, it becomes clear that he's in for a lot more .

Psycho Dom Heel Stud

When a scrawny counselor attempts to get inside the mind of Muscle Master Kevin it isn't long before couches are thrown and the inferior submitted.

Cash Drain 2

When cocky upstart Vincent shows attitude to Master Kevin- The Boss, he opens himself to an all encompassing lesson in humiliation

Over the F**n Line 1

Master Kevin becomes enraged to discover his caddy lounging at the MDW facility.

Tag Team Torment 1

Mastodon and the Muscle Master Kevin storm the ring, turning grunts of strain into screams of pain for Tony Law and Tidus

Glove Fetish Beatdown 2

The Justin is ecstatic to get a training session with his hero An amped up Muscle Master Kevin arrives to bury punch after punch punishing him from one corner to the next.

Painting The Jobber Red 1

When the Boss finds Tony Law in his ring without permission a punishment is to be expected. But what Tony gets after making a mess on Master Kevin's shirt is a massacre

Hazed and Humiliated 2

See how it all began. Witness the beginning of the Boss's life of domination.

Painting the Jobber Red 2

"The Justin" is the first rookie to make us see red.

Glove Fetish Beatdown 1

Newcomer Tidus issues a challenge to Muscle Master Kevin, oblivious that he is The Boss

Hazed and Humiliated 3

Dwayne Dwights hopes of finally fitting in are dashed by Muscle Master Kevin,

Super Men Beta

The original run of the concept that evolved into the fan favorite Super Men series!

Hazed and Humiliated 4

Kevin is the ultra jock, He reigns supreme over all other jocks, Kev isn’t just the best at football- He’s the best at every sport, he knows it and wants everyone else to know it.

Super Men 1

When the villainous ‘Suit’ catches wind of the retirement of ‘Super Stud Kevin’, he devises a plan to make heroic life difficult for his replacement.

Super Men 1.2

The saga continues. Super Stud Damien attempts to foil Super Heel’s plans, but is always one step behind.

Super Men 1.3

Total hypnosis is imposed upon Green Leaf and Super heel commands him to fight Super Stud

Super Men 1.4 

The Epic Finale and all time best selling showdown of good vs. evil!

Six Pack Bash 2

The Boss works his magic as the alpha hand meets inferior muscle again and again. When the runt begins to trash talk, the Master is quick to shut him up

Super Men 2.3

The Epic Saga of Super Heel continues...

Super Men 3.4

Vain punishes and pulverizes Wonderman.


The Boss and Braden Charron face off in a match that has Charron paying a visit to the sandman.


A thickly bearded Muscle Master Kevin wrestles Damien Rush into a Jacuzzi before water torturing him in the most limit-pushing match yet!

Costumed Bouts 5

No one is a match for the Supernatural power of the Vampire God.

Super Men 2.1

he epic saga of hero’s, villains, and spandex continues in this 40 minute Season 2 debut!

Super Men 3.2

A spandex clad super stud challenges the beefed up super villain- Vain- but even when he's cuffed upped and choked, can he be put down?

Over the F**N Line 2 

What do you do when you run into a pumped up, scuba suited stud at your favorite beach? When it's Muscle Master Kevin, you give him a wide birth. Chance Lachance knows that now.


The greatest fear of every bodybuilder is that they will be broken down and made to be as frail and weak. That is Mutant's destiny when he faces Muscle Master Kevin

Over the F**n Line 3

Brad Barnes is an anvil jawed muscle hunk used to getting his way, but he's about to get sunk treading in Muscle Master Kevin's waters.

Super Men 5.3 

Super Heel has returned. Muscles bursting through his tight black suit, he has decimated the world and sat in his throne to lord over all life.

ZZZ 12

Kevin finally gets his merciless hands all over a contest shape, shredded to the bone, Brad Barnes.

ZZZ 16

Master Kevin teaches tatted stud Cal Bennet the meaning of humility. 


super sized Specimen enters the ring to flaunt his muscle, but Muscle Master Kevin has other plans for him...plans that involve a nap.


Muscle Master Kevin is THE straight muscle god. He knows it and has always known it- crushing any and everyone in his path, from big muscle guys, to small inferiors that he converts into utterly subservient slaves.

ZZZ 10

Kevin James is a monstrous mountain of shredded muscle, and he is ready to show it off. Master Kevin, however, isn’t the kind of man to let anyone but himself be the #1 man.

ZZZ 14

Kevin submits a mega beefed up Damien Rush. To have his asset serve him best, Kevin makes Damien bulk up more for him, giving him no option but to gag on a calorie dense banana.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 3.07

ZZZ 17

Master Kevin converts contest shape Braden Charron into his personal foot massager with the methods he knows best.


Muscle Master Kevin decides it's time to knock Matt Thrasher down a few pegs.


Shogun learns that the Boss is ALWAYS in control as he is put in his place.

ZZZ 11

The biggest muscle god yet has arrived to MDW- And he is just a little too impressive and jacked for Kevin to let his muscles go unpunished.

ZZZ 15

Master Kevin introduces tree trunked-Legged stud Zach A to how things are done at MDW.

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 1.08.13 AM.png

Hazed and Humiliated 16

Master Kevin is quick to humiliate Enrique and take him for all he is worth.

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