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Season 3 Episode 6: Painting the Jobber Red 2

"The Justin" is the first rookie to make us see red. Pan to the Boss having nearly finished him off in the corner of the ring. The next minute Morgan Cruise arrives having smelled the very thing that sends him into a frenzy from down the hall. The boss continues to exercise his frustration infuritated that the rookie had the audacity to sully his favourite white beater with jobber life fluid. Of course to make matters worse for "The Justin" Master Kevin indulges the Mastodon's violent tendency and exploits it to make a further mess of the sacrificial lamb that dared besmudge his clothing.


When Cruise is left alone to finish the boy off, he mercilessly punches "The Justin" with excessive shots to the skull some coming from a school boy pin position, leaving "The Justin" totally exposed. He lifts the jobber by his neck, throws him into a corner and delivers hard, punishing body shots, demanding "The Justin" relinquish his jobber juice, the red liquid that will help Cruise finish his illustration of the perfect alpha male. After Morgan satiates his disturbing desires he throws a powerful heart punch to his opponent, a move that could be the final blow.   

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