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Season 8 Episode 9: Super Men 2.3

After a heated confrontation far above earth the two most powerful beings on the planet, Super Heel and Supremacist, agree on pursuing separate prey.

Super Heel crashes down to earth, right before a startled Aqua Bryce, equally terrified by the arrogant Super Villains reputation and the muscles filling out the sleek black suit. But Super Heel is not here to make a quick end of the boyish Bryce- Instead he effortlessly lifts him high into the air with a single finger, showing that as always he is in total control before flicking him through the air to a rough landing. Super Heel dictates that if Bryce fails to stand and look him in the eyes, he will incinerate him with his heat vision on a whim. As the orange clad super boy struggles to stand, his tormentor taps his toes against the ground, creating city destroying tremors across the planet’s surface, knocking Bryce down time and time again. Bryce uses every ounce of his will, and climbs up the meaty, muscled physique of the beefy Super Heel. For a moment the earthquakes subside and Bryce can look into the deep blue eyes which have eaten up every moment of his struggle greedily. But then a powerful choke slam sends the upstart back to his position- Squirming in agony, staring up at his Master.


But Super Heel decides not to finish the job, though it would be as simple as crushing a fly. Instead he fills his alpha lungs with air and sends Bryce flying to and fro with each gale-like breath until he smashes his head and is rendered nearly unconscious. But the merciless Super Heel grips the spandex and pulls him to his feet and chokes him, reminding the young hero of how he destroyed all of his friends, before slamming him to the ground.


Bored of playing with his human ragdoll, Super Heel goes for a killing strike, only for Aqua Bryce to leap away with surprising agility. “Where’d that come from?” An unphased Super Heel asks. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve” An emboldened Bryce answers as he begins s counter attack, punching and kicking the buff Heel, bursting out of Lycra. The sound of fist meeting muscle sounds out again and again, as an ever confident Super Heel flexes in the midst of the assault. Desperate as his knuckles begin to break down against his opponent’s steel-like physique, Aqua Bryce locks in a rear naked choke in a final effort to subdue this god among men.

But Super Heel has decided enough is enough and effortlessly throws Bryce off, before making an example of him, crushing him with with one hand in mercy, using only .5% of his power. Utterly stunned and defeated, Bryce is powerless to resist as he is lifted and pressed overhead with only a single hand of Super Heel, before being tossed to the ground.

Super Heel looms over his victim and reaches into his tight silver trunks to give the boy one last big surprise.

Earth’s most ingenious Doctor has been dabbling in super power serums and anti-alpha toxins for years. Knowing that the rage of a vengeful alpha prince, Supremacist, is soon to be upon him, the Doctor concocts a powerful potion to engorge his muscles and make him a rippling man-beast. Even with the strength enhancing serum he needs additional help against the Alpha race of supermen; he needs the Anti-Alpha, a small gemstone used to sap the power from supermen. As the confident Supremacist swoops down and into the Doctor’s lab he finds his strength suddenly sapped. The Doctor methodically smashes the weakened super man and begins to enjoy the shift in dominance as it looks like the mighty alpha stud may succumb to the force of the Doctor’s potent weapon and invigorated assault.

Download all the action in this 40 minute feature!

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