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Season 11 Episode 6: Super Men 3.4




Vain is the ultimate alpha male. Genetically sculpted to be the ultimate alpha, and spread his superior seed across the planet. And now he is back, the world under his superior boot- Super stud, one of the world’s last defenders, crushed by his superior size and power and left broken for the whole world to see.

That was for fun, to prove an example and flaunt his restored power to the world. But now its personal, as he confronts Wonder Man, the one who formed an alliance of the superhero’s of the world to lock him up so many years ago. Now he is ready for vengeance- his bulging muscles warmed up and ready to do serious damage.

It isn’t long before he has his veiny hands all over the costumed hunk. But no matter Wonder Man’s size, he can’t get the upper hand against the oiled Vain, who throws him around and punishes his physique with ease.

Usually it is the clothed man who has superiority- But Vain subverts this notion completely, flaunting his control over the situation in his skimpy black leather trunks as he taunts his victim through his mask, pumping himself full of venom.

After a lengthy assault on every inch of Wonder Man’s physique by the serum enhanced Vain- Vain decides to make a mockery of all that the super hero holds dear. He strips the hero’s cape off before shredding the tight costume to ribbons, exposing just how vulnerable and helpless the bulky stud is.

He rearranges the once confident man’s face and declares his absolute supremacy over mankind, before truly putting him in his place.

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