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Season 2 Episode 2: Cash Drain 2




Vincent has always been a cocky upstart, coasting through life backed by a wealthy family, while lucking out with an easy job at MDW. But today all of that will change.

In a moment of carelessness Vince bumps into his employer, the suited up, sexy, and authoritative Master Kevin. Instead of offering up all the funds in his wallet, as would be proper recompense for such an error, young Vince retorts, even disrespecting his employer and superior with a defiant flip off.


Thus the education begins in full as the frail boy is humiliated, and stripped down, revealing his physical inferiority next to the ripped and hard physique of Master Kevin. It doesn't take long before the tribute begins.

The series of taunting continues, and only grows harsher as Master Kevin clouds the inferiors mind causing him to tribute all his hard earned cash.


Unsatisfied, Master Kevin takes the psychological deconstruction to an unprecedented level, using his vast social reach as the Boss to call Vincent's Harvard educated uncle with information from the company roster and convinces the runt to beg for a loan, spiraling into the most intense MDW conclusion ever.

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