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Season 25 Episode 1: ZZZ 12



Brad Barnes has always been a total anvil jawed stud, and Master Kevin has always taken great pleasure in destroying muscle bound studs. Thus it is incredible to think that it has taken so many years for these two all stars to face off in the ring. But the wait is over and the man who breaks down muscle like no other has gotten his hands all over a contest shape Brad Barnes and is keen to pick him apart to make up for lost time. It doesn't take long for Brads cocky posing routine to be interrupted by an outburst of aggression from Kevin. He exposes the veins in Brads body as his arm wraps around him, taking the air right out. 

Kevin gloats about how weakened Brad has become, how cumbersome the ripped muscle that once made him so strong now is, and even makes an example of the control he now wields over the weakened man- Having him flex at his command like a puppet before inevitably putting the once arrogant stud down for good.

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