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Season 18 Episode 8: ZZZ 7




This video contains themes and language that may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion advised.

Muscle Master Kevin is THE straight muscle god. He knows it and has always known it- crushing any and everyone in his path, from big muscle guys, to small inferiors that he converts into utterly subservient slaves- And sometimes, when he is in his most dominant and aggressive moods- Crushes those little guys utterly and permanently. Today is one of those latter occasions, and the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.


Little Charlie Evans couldn’t help but let his eyes be drawn to the massive frame of the Master as he finished up his workout- physique glistening with sweat. Charlie knows that a man like Kevin would never interact with him. Why would he? This perfect, straight, successful stud would have no reason to exchange words with the inferior little red headed twink. Kevin could pass Charlie on the streets and not even glance his way, whereas the eager little guy would be obsessing over the details of every moment of that “encounter”, from the Masters stride, to his bulging muscles, or perfect facial features.


This disparity in their positions is precisely why Charlie found himself, taking in the sweat covered physique of Kevin from a place of hiding. His eyes bulge out of his head as he takes in the meaty, hairy, veiny physique of Kevin, who is indulging in a post workout flex, talking cockily as he does so. This arrogance only further absorbs Charlie, making his gaze linger, far far too long.


As the Master turns, to flaunt his back muscles, he spots the runt- who like a deer caught in headlights, cannot bring himself to move as the Master grabs him with impossibly strong arms and pins him against the ring- flexing in his face and taunting him. He makes it clear with his words that seeing this physique is NOT something he is entitled to, but since he is so keen to spy on muscle studs, that he will give him a lesson he could NEVER forget.


He manhandles the runt easily, jerking the tiny frame around with his huge one- looming over him, and utterly outsizing him. He utterly destroys Charlie. “I’ll END you” he booms, switching from grabbing his throat to pinning his arms with his legs, before indulging in a demented game of “breath play”, denying his victim air time and time again as he mocks Charlies inferiority, reminding him how easy it would be for him to simply jerk his arms, and snap his neck in the ultimate show of total degradation and dehumanization.

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