Season 7 Episode 4: Six Pack Bash 2

Muscle Master Kevin is all about heavy lifting. Deadlifts, benching, curls, and of course the lat pulldowns that keep his chiseled V so wide. So when he sees Enrique on the mats in his gym, focusing only on his abs, he decides to teach the lil guy a thing or two about superior muscle.


It isn’t long before he’s peeled his shirt off and has the boy at his mercy- peeling away his limbs with ease to punish the insolent abdominals. The Boss works his magic as the alpha hand meets inferior muscle again and again. When the runt begins to trash talk, the Master is quick to shut him up, applying holds to show off the strength of his powerful arms, chest and legs.


Introduced to a pulldown bar for the first time in his life, Enrique screams as the cruel metal crushes his abs again and again. It isn’t long before Enrique’s spirit is broken, and he understands that the rest of his days will be lived in the shadow of the Muscle Master.

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