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Daddy's Home 1

Swelteringly hot daddy Matt Thrasher teaches twink boy Theo Devair a lesson in submission.

Daddy's Home 2

Chace LaChance requests admission to the wrestling club.

Daddy's Home 3 

Rookie sensation Cal Bennett finds his way into the ring with the Mastodon Morgan Cruise.

Daddy's Home 4

Thrasher makes pretty boy Cal all his, stripping him down and smacking that ass.

Daddy's Home 5 

Smoking hot daddy Matt Thrasher has just walked in the door to find that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze with the help of his friend Tom.


Daddy's Home 6

Smoldering sexy hunk dad Matt Thrasher is becoming accustomed to constant disrespect from young punks.

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Daddy's Home 7

Rock hard Morgan Cruise announces impending domination. Cocky as ever, Cruise has no clue that his opponent will be an equally unfelled wrestler by the name of Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher.

Daddy's Home 8

Young and cocky Damien Rush makes the mistake of of calling Daddy Barboza old- A mistake which gets his balls squeezed and ass spanked red.

Daddy's Home 9

Punk Tony Law's cockiness is eroded into total submissiveness by gruff daddy Barboza- Stripping him down and putting him in his place one spank at a time.


Daddy's Home 10

Daddy Barboza donning his holy attire, strips down cruise in a very erotic 20 minute match with extreme viewer discretion advised.

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