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Season 5 Episode 8: Super Men 1.1

When the villainous ‘Suit’ catches wind of the retirement of ‘Super Stud Kevin’, he devises a plan to make heroic life difficult for his replacement. The first stage of his plot is roping the well-muscled Captain Twink into his elaborate ploy, using his captive girlfriend as a means to subdue the angry hunk.


It’s not long after that the retired ‘Super Stud’ receives a call from his old friend. ‘Super Stud’ arrives with super speed, allowing only enough time for the ‘Suit’ to taunt his pupper Twink.


The bashful Twink, ashamed of both his failure to protect his girlfriend, and betraying his friend, reluctantly plays his part, mumbling something about needing financial support. The billionaire Kevin doesn’t blink as he generously cuts a check for three million, and places it in his friends hands.


As Kevin raises a glass in celebration, the ‘Suit’ springs his malicious trap, using his time stop ability to replace the wine with a special brew- Heel Juice.

Moments after ignorantly consuming the potent concoction, Super Stud Kevin begins to gasp for air, a frightening sensation the hero has never experienced before. Thick beads of alpha sweat pour down his face as his oblivious friend rushes to his aid. The studs muscles grow, threatening to rip his ten thousand dollar suit. With his muscles engorged, his heart rate steadying, Kevin takes his last breath as a super hero and opens his eyes- Reborn as Super Heel.

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