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Season 24 Episode 4: ZZZ 11



Mark Muscle is a man that embodies masculinity at its height. He is as tall as he is handsome- Making one wonder if he's closer to 7 feet to 6. He is massive and shredded- But cool in his demeanor, too confident to get carried away in grandiose cockiness. He is the kind of man a boy would see and aspire to emulate, a beacon for respect and admiration.

But when Master Kevin enters the MDW room and sees the titan there, he sees something very different. Rather than something to emulate, he sees something to break. By laying low the muscle stud- Unraveling his masculinity- That respect, as well as fear would be channeled towards him, bloating his ego further and setting an example to the world. 

And so Kevin sets to his task, attacking the pro bodybuilder mid flex session, depriving what could only be described as perfect muscles, of the oxygen that makes them function.

But Kevin is not so merciful as to let it be done in an instant, no. He is sure to let the muscle man see the power slowly fade from him. At first, the choke holds only make his arms too frail to fend off Kevin from maliciously going about his work. But before long it escalates, to his increasing fear.

As Kevin changes into a variety of chokes, as well as leg moves- And works over the now weakened muscles piece by piece, Mark has the epiphany that so many of Master Kevin's muscular victims do: That the bulging muscles that once made him great are now an encumbrance.

Panic begins to set in, and Master Kevin smiles, knowing that the realization has dawned on Mark that every bodybuilders worst fear is coming true, and that before long he will be as weak as he once was before his hands ever gripped a weight.

Marks eyes glaze with fear as Kevin's bicep wraps around his throat. He is now panicked, frenzied, and Kevin knows he has broken the once cool, respectable Mark muscle. No one who saw him now would look up to him, or want to be like him- A mound of cumbersome mass, totally at the mercy of the Master. 

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