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Season 18 Episode 5: Over the F'n Line 3




Brad Barnes is an anvil jawed muscle hunk used to getting his way. So when he sees a nice wide lake one morning he can’t help but go to take a dip and do some laps.


The one thing Barnes doesn’t know is that this is Master Kevin’s private lake, and that he does not take kindly to trespassers- always quick to bring the hammer down.


The Muscle Master descends upon the beach and aggressively attacks-

The two suited up muscle studs fighting and rolling over one another until they are struggling against one another into the water.


The Master is in control, yet Barnes is strong and desperate, not willing to just roll over and go down without a fight. He strikes, beats, and attempts to submerge Kevin- to put him out.


But these attacks each make Kevin more furious, lunging at and striking Barnes with increased ferocity. Eventually Barnes’ fortitude is broken and Kevin drags his body into the shallow waters for a continued merciless beatdown and series of holds before standing up to strip out of his suit and flex over his defeated opponent.

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