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Season 10 Episode 3: ZZZ 3




Master Kevin is a man who takes what he wants. He is 100% alpha and utterly unconcerned with what anyone else thinks or feels. Utterly arrogant from a lifetime of everything he touches turning to gold and a getting his way, he no longer measures humans by anything other than what they can do for him. His satisfaction and pleasure are the only things relevant in the entire world, turning any person he sets his piercing gaze on into submissive putty he can use in even the most humiliating ways.


He has been quick to drain people for all they are worth to ensure everything from his taste buds to greedy str8 bulge gets exactly what they desire. People who have barely offended him, not known him, or even been respectful to his authority have been thrown down by his thick arms, choked in his peaked biceps, scissored in his tree trunk legs, or crushed against his hairy chest while being psychologically broken down. This is the every day reality of his existence.

But what Kevin is not used to is someone standing up to him and his unchecked cockiness- and not backing down when he asserts his alpha male dominance. And today that is just what happened when Damien Rush got to the high end luxury Jacuzzi suite he’d rented out and had been looking forward to all week only to find the Master getting ready to take a dip on his dime. Attempting to play it cool he offered to share, only for the thickly bearded Kevin to unflinchingly reply “you’re leaving” as he pointed to the door.

But now Damien had reached his limit- Having been demeaned in the past by the tyrannical hunk and seeing abuse after abuse of his power- He knew he had to stand his ground or forever accept himself as a beta to be walked over as Kevin pleased. And so Damien stripped down to a tight singlet and prepared to defend his manhood with his brawn.

But there was something Damien had not accounted for. Muscle Master Kevin was beefed up thirty pounds since the last time the two had met. His testosterone levels at an all time high, as evidenced by his thick, dark beard and body hair. Such surging masculinity was clearly craving combat.

Instantly Damien was struck by a merciless fist, only to be repeatedly smashed against the solid wood walls. Dazed, Damien could barely make sense of what Kevin was orchestrating as he wrestled him closer and closer to the hot waters of the Jacuzzi. It was only when at last the hands around his throat drove his head into the water and the sharp agony of chlorine shooting up his nostrils hit him that he fully grasped how far Kevin was willing to go.

Damien began to lose control of his senses as his nose passed below the bubbling waters again and again, and he knew he had to act- this time out of desperation. He struck out at Kevin’s ears, stunning him just long enough to try and make a break for the door.

But a furious Kevin pinned him to the floor, choking the insolent air out of him- arm veins popping as Damien’s jaw gaped open. But Kevin had not forgotten his mission and soon he worked to get his victim to where he was most vulnerable.

The two grappled, as Damien fought to stay away from the tub he had once been so interested in until the two fell into the waters where the attack continued.

Repeatedly, Damien was submerged by front chokes, slowly losing the strength he once had. But despite the fatigue he felt in his limbs, and the fog spreading in his head, his human instinct to survive made his arms shoot up and hands grab tightly around the Master’s throat. The two choked one another, trying to submit the other man. Simultaneously the two plunged under water beneath the strength of one another, only to emerge, chokes still locked on. Down the two went again, beneath the water, testing eachothers lungs and fortitude. And again the two emerged.

It was then that Damien faltered, releasing his choke to try and pry away the vicelike grip around his throat, but failing, placing him entirely at the bosses mercy.

Weakened, Damien was now at the bosses mercy, powerless to stop the looming mass of muscle from grabbing his hair and dunking his head repeatedly, choking him out with his tight wet shirt, being nelsoned and RNC’d into the water, and put on display for all to see while the boss flexed his beef up heel physique over him.

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