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Season 12 Episode 1: Costumed Bouts 5




The smell of fear, mixed with the irresistible scent of sweet, succulent twink blood led the Vampire God to the Muscle Domination Wrestling ring. A vision of masculine power with bulging muscles rippling through his ancient garments, his youthful and virile appearance belie the fact that he has roamed the earth for tens of thousands of years taking the life force from everyone around him. And today was no different as he sized up an easy meal in the form of a young Alex Graves.

This was really an unfair match right from the start. After all who could expect a mere mortal, and one this far down on the food chain no less, to stand a chance against the super human power of an immortal.


It's clear that Graves doesn't have the slightest clue about the amount of danger he's managed to get himself into. “Who the hell are you?” Graves asks as the Vampire begins to size him up. “Who the hell am I? The better question is what the hell am I,” the Vampire God quips as he begins to plan the beginning of the end for his prey.


Using supernatural powers honed over the centuries, the Vampire God unleashes his wrath on the unsuspecting Graves, delivering each blow without even having to physically touch his runt plaything. The power travels from his hand rendering the young twink completely helpless. After a series of bone crushing moves, the Vampire God forces Graves to his knees, at a place where he says all humans belong, at the feet of the leader of the Alpha Vampire Clan.


Finally, he can not resist the physical abuse any longer and begins his flesh on flesh assault, reducing the twink boy to a ball of writhing pain. And, when the cape comes off, you know the end is near as the Immortal Muscle God locks Graves in a hold that gives the Vampire King complete control over life and death.


Savoring each moment as he watches the life drain from his victim's eyes, this is the taste he yearned for, the taste he'd developed a huge appetite for over the decades. It is that taste that comes at the exact moment when a life is extinguished. And there was nothing else like in this world. It is a thirst that can never be quenched and that fact puts the entire human race in jeopardy.

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