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Season 13 Episode 1: Over the F'n Line 2




Chase Lachance is a muscle hunk used to doing what he wants, and maintaining his hard physique. So when he sees a nice wide lake one morning he can’t help but go to take a dip and do some laps.


The one thing Chase doesn’t know is that this is Master Kevin’s private lake, and that he does not take kindly to trespassers. And unfortunately for Chase- He’s been spotted.


The Muscle Master descends upon the beach and aggressively confronts a defiant Chase, who’s none too happy with having his morning exercise interrupted, and tries to reason with the hot headed alpha to share the large space.


But Lachance’s tone isn’t as submissive as the Master expects, and Kevin decides its time to recondition the dominant Chase with some hands on punishment.


The two suited up muscle studs grapple with one another, as Kevin fights to bring his target towards the water which before Chase had been so eager to enter moments before.


But now Kevin has repurposed the peaceful water into a weapon- plunging Chase’s head beneath the surface repeatedly, taunting him the entire time, mocking that it wasn’t so nice now.


Despite struggling and fighting back against the seething alpha, after countless chokes, strikes, and plunges into the water, ultimately Chase’s fighting spirit wavers and turns into panicked attempts to flee from the water which has so quickly become his prison.

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