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Season 30 Episode 1: ZZZ 16



Muscle Domination Wrestling boasts a roster diversified with many mighty men, lean and tall, stocky and powerful, pretty and delicate, fierce and unfriendly. Cal Bennett encompasses more qualities than any one classification can cover, dashingly handsome, tantalizingly tatted, with a smooth baritone voice and cool confidence radiant from behind his shimmering blue gaze. Cal commands a tidal wave of fanfare, a chorus of thirsty masses, eager to lap up all things Bennett. The Boss, Muscle Master Kevin, has exercised every measure to ensure the people get exactly what they want; but for the impressive tally of matches on Cal’s resume, there is one important initiation the tattooed stud has managed to evade. 


Geared up in a generously breathable jock, Cal takes to the ring, his bare feet gripping the canvas as he awaits the oncoming Boss. Kevin cuts Cal’s wait short, gracing the baritone baby face with an immediate arrival. After all, Cal has known this day was coming, ever since stepping foot in MDW, the wait has been long enough, the contest overdue. Bennett even declines Master Kevin’s offer to hit a few poses, stating, “oh no, I know your tricks,” in reference to the mound of muscle men that were dull-witted enough to turn their backs on the Boss. 


“So you want a man’s match?” Kevin offers to meet Cal on even ground, no tricks, needed. Bennett’s face flashes a smile of approval, feeling ready to wrestle. Bennet’s bared ass dances as Kevin buckles Bennet’s knees with imposing strength. Next, Cal is doubled over in pain, grasping his mid-section, trying to turn away from another big gut punch. Kevin uses one arm to pry the fetal positioned Cal to a full spread and delivers a straight shot to Bennet’s lean abdomen. A husky breath from Bennet’s bowels swirls in musical harmony as it reaches The Boss’s ears; Kevin has long had his sights set on this moment, where the object of men’s adulation would be whimpering at his feet, put in proper place. 


The Boss is going to bend, break, pry, soften, smash and submit the hot-shot, all in preparation for a series of signature moves, neck constriction specialties, synonymous with the ruthless style of dominant Master Kevin. “You think I use cheap shots because I need to,” The Boss shouts at Cal, whilst coiling his meaty arm around the latter’s throat. “I do it because it’s fun,” Kevin explains as he sinks in his fatal finisher, Cal desperately wrenching at the arms that stifle his air flow. Bennett is full of fight but like all who tussle with The Boss, he is the image of helpless, squirming against a grip he cannot break, nearly naked, accentuated by the spread of limp legs that leave his stud crotch exposed. Kevin is not just a Muscle Master by virtue of his own physique, but truly a master of displaying the muscle of those he employs and destroys. Cal is modeled to the fullest, fighting, flailing and failing to escape his fate, the bed time story that is Kevin’s arsenal of ZZZ submissions.

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