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Season 20 Episode 1: Super Men 5.3





Super Heel has returned. Muscles bursting through his tight black suit, he has decimated the world and sat in his throne to lord over all life. But a final hero remains to challenge him, unaware of the power of Super Heel and the extent of his evil. Super Heel reminds this cocky super muscled hero that he has destroyed all the heroes, with Super Stud’s cape draped over his looming throne. However this muscle hero unleashes powerful blow after powerful blow into the villains torso. A normal man would crumple before even a single strike, yet they reflect off Super Heel’s chest as a wicked smile spreads across his face. The hero puts all his power into a punch but Super Heel grabs it midair and powers him to the ground with a single arm.


Super Heel begins to torment the hero, explaining how his evil is going to poison and impregnate his mind, turning him into a brainwashed servant to him and his evil. The muscle bound hero resists, screaming as he is thrown around before Super Heels throne, powerless to the merest whim that enters his mind.


Heel imposes his will upon the muscles of the hero, controlling him like a puppet. He pulls him before the throne to punish his huge muscles with his hands and legs, and even makes him put on a full flex show, every vein popping out of the hard physique as he tries to resist. All the while the hero is being corrupted by evil, and slowly broken down, until there is nothing less than an eternal hypnoslave of Super Heel.

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