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Season 36 Episode 2: Hazed and Humiliated 16




“What are you doing in my house?” 

Enrique is exhausted after a hard day at the office, and is reasonably perplexed at the stranger in his home helping himself to several valued belongings. 

“I go where I please,” is the answer afforded the homeowner by the gruff and buff Master Kevin, who actually owns the company in which Enrique is employed, a fact glossed over in the boss’s retort. Enrique threatens to call the police, Kevin tells him to strip. Enrique refuses but the boss insists, incentivizing his unwitting employee with violence. 

Enrique quickly learns he is no match for Master Kevin, who by now, is simultaneously divesting his outmatched victim of clothing and dignity. 

In an attempt to defend himself, Enrique punches the intruder, his blows are ineffectual save for the response they illicit, a camel clutch, chokes, threats, punches and stomps, insults, a variety of degradation, headscissors, and further appropriation of personal items, all by the hands of his oppressor for whom he will work tomorrow, oblivious to the irony of his labor.

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