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Season 19 Episode 5: ZZZ 8




One should never turn your back to a man in the MDW ring- least of all if that man is Muscle Master Kevin when he is out to prove a point. Matteus Shogun however, having strutted into the ring confident and eager no doubt had his mind at ease seeing Kevin smiling, wearing a custom $2000 italian suit. However Matteus has been a lazy worker- not showing up to the ring in years- something that Kevin has never and will never tolerate. It doesn't take long for the Brazilian hunk to get smothered by the suited up boss, and brought to his knees.


The custom suit has just enough flex in it to allow for Kevin's biceps to punish the muscled stud's throat, and leave him totally dazed. Throughout the match Kevin breaks down Matteus body part by body part, relishing the long overdue punishment for the tardy worker, mocking him and making it clear to him that even at a much younger age, Master manhandling him is a more a man than he ever has or will be.


Eventually Kevin strips down to more suitable attire for showing off the muscles the Boss commands, and savagely accosts Matteus, putting the muscle "princess" out for good.

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