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Season 10 Episode 7: Super Men 3.2 




Many years ago Wonder Man and the original Super Stud combined forces to subdue the super villain- Vain, the product of genetic experiments carried out by the Nazi’s to create the perfect man.


However, after ball torturing Wonder Man for Vain’s whereabouts, the Suit releases Vain from his magnetized prison, and injects him with a serum to return him to his absolute alpha male status- his muscles swelling up instantly and nearly doubling in size. “Vain is back” he declares, before flaunting his empowered physique to the Suit and vowing vengeance on those who had wronged him.

He begins his rampage, assaulting innocents and storming the white house to lure out his super powered prey. Sure enough, a spandex clad hunk descends to save the day- but not the one Vain expected. The new Super Stud has come to the rescue, and is prepared to fully succeed his predecessor, by permanently putting away this super threat.


He unleashes a flurry of blows into Vain’s hard physique until his hands are raw, but unwilling to relent throws the mass of muscle into a corner, using body slams followed by a super powered throw to send Vain flying. He continues the onslaught before a big clothesline sends the masked monster to the ground.


Super Stud proudly cuffs the villain and declares that it is time to put him away. But theres one problem- when he moves to pull the cuffed up beast, he doesn’t budge. “Go on then, take me” Vain taunts, his knowing blue eyes taunting the confused hunk.


Super Stud redoubles his efforts, trying to squeeze the air out of Vain using a tight bearhug, but finds that it is him who is running out of breath trying to subdue the pulsating muscle. He switches strategies and attempts to beat down his foe, but this time Vain walks towards him as he punches, slowly pressing the weakening stud back against the ropes. Vain presses his masculine bare chest against the spandex of the panting stud and taunts him again.

Super Stud then has an idea, shooting behind the muscle master, he locks on the fiercest rear naked choke he could muster, bringing Vain to his knees. “Go to sleep Vain!” he yells as veins burst from Vain’s reddening face. But Vain’s eyes are dangerous, and angry. Slowly he fights his way up to his feet, before using his cuffed hands to peel back the arm cutting off his oxygen before swiftly laying the beatdown on Super Stud.

His muscles flare up from the serum with each strike, and he shatters the handcuffs to freely consider his onslaught. He roughly jerks the hero around, stretching out his spine, and revealing his ever vulnerable bulge repeatedly.


He is sure to show the hero how you REALLY break someone down as he delves into his pecs and bashes his abs through the spandex. The humiliation only increases as the hero is stripped of his cape before being totally submitted in the arms of his powerful master.

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