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Help/Frequently Asked Questions


My video download is playing but not downloading, how can I download it?

In rare cases, or if your browser has a particular setting- A video file may auto play instead of download. To fix this simply right click the link and select the download or save file option and it will be downloaded to your computer. 

I’ve downloaded my video but it won’t play. What can I do?

We have moved all our videos to the M4V format so this should no longer be an issue, but in the event you do have a problem-You need a video player compatible with our HD files- We recommend VLC Player, available for free here: . 


My internet went out during my download/my download was interrupted. How can I get my video?

Please contact us at: including you the email used during the purchase, the date of purchase and the name of the video you are requesting and we will forward you your video or a link were it can be downloaded.


I see your site is offering digital downloads. Is it possible to order DVDs? 

Yes, to arrange a DVD purchase, email with the titles of matches you’d like to purchase as well as your preferred method of payment(check, google wallet, Western Union, or CCbill processor).


I would like to arrange a custom wrestling video or Skype show. How can I do this?

Please contact us through email: or on Skype: chaoserver1


My credit card is being declined, how can I order videos?

We will need to process your payment an alternative way, please contact us through email at:


I need help with something not listed here, where can I get help?

For all other issues please contact us at:

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