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Season 6 Episode 9: Super Men 1.3

A nervous Green Leaf, has his worst fears realized, when an unapologetic Super Heel, comes knocking at his door. Its mere seconds before the sadistic stud unleashes a super powered onslaught. The immensely outmatched Green Leaf, remains defiant even in the face of total defeat, humoring the wicked Super Heel, deciding to break down and hypnotize the hero into total servitude, thus making an example to all who would oppose his dominant will.


In his attempt to muster a force of heroes, Super Stud Damien arrives at Green Leafs domain, only to find him corrupted. Super Stud Damien, although clearly the superior of the two, lets his muscles get beaten down and worked over in a desperate struggle to get his friend to come to his senses as Super Heel watches with total satisfaction.

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