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Six Pack Bash 1

Bryce Barrigan has evolved into a fucking jerk, he stalks all passers-by in the MDW hall, waiting to instigate a fight.

Six Pack Bash 2

The Boss works his magic as the alpha hand meets inferior muscle again and again. When the runt begins to trash talk, the Master is quick to shut him up

Six Pack Bash 3

Darius has a six pack is built like solid brick, perfect target for abuse from newcomer Chance LaChance.

Six Pack Bash 4

Bryce Barrigan tears into Darius' perfect abs

Six Pack Bash 5

Ab Man is back in the ring, oiling down his six pack, pounding his own midsection like a gorilla.

Six Pack Bash 6

Forget everything you know about Damien Rush aside. The former pampered, naïve, daddy’s boy has undergone some major maturation creating a powerhouse.

Six Pack Bash 7

Stefan Ramos is making his MDW debut courtesy of an invitation for a private wrestling match with Steel Muscle God.

Six Pack Bash 8

Damien Rush has taken up a job as a fitness instructor. Overseeing Brad Barnes ab workout he cannot help but get himself involved.

Six Pack Bash 9

Braden slams his fist into Boston accented hunk Carter Alexander’s sweet six pack.

Six Pack Bash 10

Contest shape Brad Barnes gets his abs punished by a jealous creep.

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Six Pack Bash 11

Xander has always prided himself on his lean muscle definition and shredded abs and Flash Lacash is all too eager to put them to the absolute test. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 6.20.45 AM.png

Six Pack Bash 12

Morgan Cruise is an out of control Heel- All too eager to interrupt Braden's workout with some abdominal punishment.

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