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The most erotic ZZZ match ever, with twink James jerking his cock with Cruise's arms wrapped tight around his neck.


The Boss and Braden Charron face off in a match that has Charron paying a visit to the sandman.


A thickly bearded Muscle Master Kevin wrestles Damien Rush into a Jacuzzi before water torturing him in the most limit-pushing match yet!


The greatest fear of every bodybuilder is that they will be broken down and made to be as frail and weak. That is Mutant's destiny when he faces Muscle Master Kevin


super sized Specimen enters the ring to flaunt his muscle, but Muscle Master Kevin has other plans for him...plans that involve a nap.


Muscle Master Kevin decides it's time to knock Matt Thrasher down a few pegs.


Muscle Master Kevin unleashes his fury on little red headed twin Charlie Evans in an match not for the faint of heart.


Shogun learns that the Boss is ALWAYS in control as he is put in his place.


Look no further for a beautiful pair of contrasting muscle men than internet celebrity Steel Muscle God and brown bull Mateus Shogun.

ZZZ 10

Kevin James is a monstrous mountain of shredded muscle, and he is ready to show it off. Master Kevin, however, isn’t the kind of man to let anyone but himself be the #1 man.

ZZZ 11

The biggest muscle god yet has arrived to MDW- And he is just a little too impressive and jacked for Kevin to let his muscles go unpunished.

ZZZ 12

Kevin finally gets his merciless hands all over a contest shape, shredded to the bone, Brad Barnes.

ZZZ 13

When Damien Rush can't compete with Kevin James- He has to resort to dirty tricks and a good chokehold.

ZZZ 16

Master Kevin teaches tatted stud Cal Bennet the meaning of humility. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 4.13.13 PM.png

ZZZ 19

Tank is laid low and has his wind pipes worked over in every way imaginable.

ZZZ 14

Kevin submits a mega beefed up Damien Rush. To have his asset serve him best, Kevin makes Damien bulk up more for him, giving him no option but to gag on a calorie dense banana.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 3.07

ZZZ 17

Master Kevin converts contest shape Braden Charron into his personal foot massager, using the methods he knows best.​


ZZZ 20

Enormous physiques are on display! Big Braden and hunky Damien square off to see who the ultimate masked fighter is.

ZZZ 15

Master Kevin introduces tree trunked-Legged stud Zach A to how things are done at MDW.


ZZZ 18

Damien Rush lays handsome stud Cal Bennet low with a slew of underhanded tactics and holds.


ZZZ 21

Sweaty hunks, constricting holds, rags with special serums- this is not a ZZZ feature to miss!

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 1.32.30 AM.png

ZZZ 22

All American stud Tony is laid low and splayed out in his hot jock in this ass spread ZZZ match!

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