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Season 29 Episode 1: ZZZ 15 



No back room pumping techniques are quite able to produce the thick, pulsing veins, popping through jacked up bodybuilder skin, as well as a well-trained arm coiled around the struggling big man’s neck. Seasoned wrestlers are often able to disregard the size of their lumbering opponent’s by utilizing the right technique, depriving bodybuilder mass monsters of the crucial oxygen supply needed to fuel and operate their otherwise stupendous physiques. Bodybuilders have accepted the challenge time and again, but have yet to find success in employing their power game. 


This holds especially true when The Boss is throttling the life out of said bodybuilder, in this case the mouth-watering Zach Altovito, whose skin can already barely provide a serviceable habitat for his larger than life musculature; this explains the manner in which his vasculature becomes fully exposed as his muscles struggle for air in the unrelenting grasp of Muscle Master Kevin, who notes how much cash he will be making, sucking the young hairy muscle man for all he is worth. 


Zach is earnest to a fault and agrees whole heartedly to continue his posing routine on the guidance of the ulterior-motived Kevin who commands a front double bicep pose, a flex that leaves Zach’s neck exposed and gorgeous body on full display. Kevin is endowed with thick powerful and lengthy arms, which have proven time again the amply sufficient ingredient, combined with his malice and sadism, to put a struggling bodybuilder on his butt, gasping and grasping with heaving sighs of flailing muscle. This position will be visited many times to Zach’s Detriment and Kevin’s sheer delight.


Even after several special bed time submissions, Zach complies with his boss’s desire to see more flexing, which though hardly necessary in displaying the mammoth muscle of Altovito, provides a perfect money shot of a jacked up, beautiful big boy, struggling within an inch of his life, wondering where in the gym he went wrong, after thousands of hours pumping his physique to enormous stature, which now sinks beneath the black light of unconsciousness, as Master Kevin reaps all the benefits.

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