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Super Men 1

When the villainous ‘Suit’ catches wind of the retirement of ‘Super Stud Kevin’, he devises a plan to make heroic life difficult for his replacement.

Super Men 1.2

The saga continues. Super Stud Damien attempts to foil Super Heel’s plans, but is always one step behind.

Super Men 1.4 

The Epic Finale and all time best selling showdown of good vs. evil!

Super Men 2.1

he epic saga of hero’s, villains, and spandex continues in this 40 minute Season 2 debut!

Super Men 1.3

Delusional tony initiates a flex off with 100% muscle beef, Darius

Super Men 2.2

The epic battlle of Good vs Evil continues in the MDW ring.

Super Men 2.3

The Epic Saga of Super Heel continues...

Super Men 2.4 

Supremacist has annihilated every superhero on the planet except fpr Aqua Bryce, But does the surprise return of Super Stud spell defeat?

Super Men 3.1

The suit assaults Wonder Man's package until he gets exactly what he wants out of him.

Super Men 3.2

A spandex clad super stud challenges the beefed up super villain- Vain- but even when he's cuffed upped and choked, can he be put down?

Super Men 3.3

The epic battle of Good vs Evil continues as Wonder Man jumps into the battle.

Super Men 3.4

Vain punishes and pulverizes Wonderman.

Super Men 4.1

The nefarious Suit is at it again! Back with a shiny black metallic spandex suit, he is quick to capture another marvelously muscled super hero.

Super Men 4.2

Super Stud arrives on a gruesome crime scene. Bodies have been sucked, drained of their life force.

Super Men 4.3

After being infected and converted by Parasyte, Symbiote has begun a rampage through the streets.

Super Men 4.4

Super Stud is looking buff and sexy, but a mysterious gentleman with a few riddles has his target set on the mighty hero!

Super Men 5.1

The epic series continues with brand new heros and villians

Super Men 5.2

Steel Muscle God Bat is apprehending the infamous King Pin. A last minute tonic made by the big King Pin is offered up to the bat.

Super Men 5.3 

Super Heel has returned. Muscles bursting through his tight black suit, he has decimated the world and sat in his throne to lord over all life.

Super Men 5.4

Super Stud is back to save the day, once again dawning the red and blue spandex suit, bursting at the seams with bulging muscle and other anatomical immensities.

Super Men 6.1

Pro bodybuilder Kevin James is the perfect muscle sculpture to don the mask and call himself super hero!

Super Men 6.2

The Finisher pulverizes the hero Magnifico! then jerks and orally drains him of every drop of his super powered cum.

Super Men 6.3

Our Hero has tracked down the evil dweeb Dr. Nefaro and is ready to punish him. Little does he know he is about to be filmed, tortured, and unmasked in a diabolical scheme to broadcast his defeat to the world.

Super Men 6.4

Magnifico is back and keen on getting revenge on the Finisher, by draining his cock to retrieve his super powers, and he is willing to grind, stroke, and suck to make it happen.

Super Men 7.1

This confident super hero didn't expect to have his balls zapped!

Super Men 8

The Finisher gets his hands all over the earnest hero, suckling his power from his super cock in the hottest Super Men yet.


Super Men 11

Cruise lays low the usually invincible Super Stud, grabbing his super-balls and chaining him up for his own enjoyment.

Super Men 7.2

Captain Cal is drained dry of his super energy by the evil Symbiote before being tied up to be used as a perpetual energy battery.


Super Men 9

A repugnant villain gets even with Power Daddy Matt Thrasher, laying him low and draining his power through contact.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 3.21.06 AM.png

Super Men 12

Behold Super Stud in a whole new light- overpowering and demeaning a total Twink with his super powered muscle!

Episode 3: Super Men 7.3

Hunky Hero Joey is drained, splayed out, and unmasked by a nefarious super villain,

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 4.04.38 PM.png

Super Men 10

Parasyte uses his vile draining powers to suck our hero dry, unmasking him and leaving him powerless and exposed!

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