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Season 8 Episode 7: Super Men 2.1



The epic saga of hero’s, villains, and spandex continues in this 40 minute Season 2 debut! Super Heel’s shockwaves of destruction have awakened a new super power. Emerging from his space pod, Supremacist smells alpha in the air, quickly tracking down the powerful Super Heel, as he has his way with one of the last remaining forces of good.

Across the city, aspiring hero Bryce is gearing up in his father’s treasured super suit to join the fight against the rising forces of evil. Bryce quickly learns it’ll take more than courage and honor to defeat the ranks of villainous brutes infesting the city. Bryce naively asks for help from a muscle bound passerby, who to his dismay is the freshly escaped super criminal, Punish Man(Brad Barnes). Punish man shows the uninitiated hero how he earned his name, as he stretches, slams, and tosses a helpless Bryce, whose only hope is to last long enough for his super suits powers to manifest.

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