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Season 15 Episode 6: ZZZ 5




The deepest fear of every bodybuilder, no matter how dauntless they might appear, is that they will be broken down and made to be as frail and weak as they once were, losing all their hard earned muscle mass. So when the confident, super sized Specimen enters the ring to flaunt his muscle, Muscle Master Kevin knows the most effective way to put him into his place .


The Master of Muscle shows how he earned his title, by subduing the giant, depriving him of the air he needs to control his big pecs, arms, and legs. Even though the monstrous muscle is so heavy that Muscle Master Kevin breaks out in a sweat, he is able to make Specimen's heaving muscles go from being his greatest strength, to a burden he cannot bear without the air he needs to lift them. Kevin is not only the master of his own muscles, but of ANY muscle he sets his eyes on, turning the most muscular wrestler to step in the ring into nothing but a bodybuilder slave to be displayed and humiliated, however he pleases.

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