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Season 5 Episode 3: Hazed and Humiliated 4

Kevin is the ultra jock, and alpha king of high school, and captain of the football team. He reigns supreme over all other jocks, is a superior athlete, and can fuck any girl he wants. Kev isn’t just the best at football- He’s the best at every sport, he knows it and wants everyone else to know it. This prompts the hot headed stud to Issue a declaration in the school newspaper that his team has one spot available to the most capable sports team captain.


Most captains are wise enough to steer clear of the Boss of the high school, but the earnest Shawn Cody thinks nothing of it and shows up after school hours in the locker room for the tryout. Kevin quickly becomes hostile, circling and taunting him for not coming properly geared up. An uneasy Shawn Cody, who now understands the magnitude of his situation, attempts a graceful exit, only to find his path barred by the testosterone filled, seething jock. Kevin agrees to let him try out for his team, a mocking air to his words, his powerful hand extended. Cody grasps it and his tryout begins.


Within moments he is smashed into a corner- struck, stomped, before Kevin takes it to the ground, showing Cody who the REAL captain of wrestling is.

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