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Season 5 Episode 2: Glove Fetish Beatdown 2




The Justin is ecstatic. Having won a contest, he’s going to get a training session with his hero ‘The Champ’. An amped up Muscle Master Kevin arrives, and the image of his virtuous hero is starkly buried as punch after punch breaches his guard, punishing him from one corner to the next.


Pleas from The Justin only serve to incite the Master’s wrath further, Kevin is arrogant and tapped. The Justin insists he was here for training, to which the merciless Kevin counters that in training there are no rules- followed by stomps, elbows and holds. To punish the upstart for entering the ring with him, Kevin breaks his knees, elbows, and beats him into a concussion: Ending any boxing aspirations he had. Already delirious from pain,


The Justin finds Kevin’s powerful arms firmly locked in a rear naked choke,squeezing the air out of him at his Masters whim- Released only to be put out instead by Kevin’s superior fist.

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