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Season 3 Episode 2: Over the F'n Line 1

Upon returning with Bryce from the golf course Master Kevin becomes enraged to discover his caddy lounging at the MDW facility. Bryce is irate himself, being that he had to be the fill in caddy. Kevin takes the spite personally and enslaves Carlos for his insolence. Carlos is initially resilient and tries to evade blame and submission, but Master Kevin is unrelenting, as he disregards everything the jobber has to say and proceeds to detail the extremely graphic terms of Carlos's new life as his slave. Barrigan reinforces the Boss's ideals and assures Carlos that he will be subjected to a life of cock sucking.


Master Kevin quickly becomes disenchanted with such a simple method of punishment, feeling that prostituting Carlos to his legion of faggot worshippers does not alone, equate to the time Carlos wasted. In a rare instance the Boss loses his temper and presents the addendum to his initial punishment. Through advanced torture methods, including an onslaught on Carlos's balls in, Kevin and Bryce force the slave boy to give up his wife. Carlos cries and chokes on the words which he so desperately wants to avoid saying, but in the end The Boss always gets what he wants, one way or another.

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