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Season 5 Episode 9: Super Men 1.2

A gathering of superheroes, paying homage to their lost friend is interrupted when an inexplicably, and overwhelmingly arrogant Kevin arrives, flashing an all knowing smile that could burn a hole through his apprentices tight spandex. The ‘Suit’ approaches the confused Super Stud Damien, offering insight on this new Super Heels ambitions. A palpable tension can be felt between the two archrivals who would love nothing more than to get their hands all over each other, but the ‘Suit’ insists that the risen Alpha is a threat to everyone.


Super Stud Damien attempts to foil Super Heel’s plans, but is always one step behind.


Super Heel arrives at Super Stud Damien’s base, and corners his sidekick. The Alpha tests his new powers on the helpless beta hero, curling him, blowing him across the ground with is alpha lungs, lifting him with a single finger, and introduces his body to every wall with vicious force.  

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