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Season 4 Episode 4: Hazed and Humiliated 3

Dwayne Dwight always wanted to fit in. A smart boy from a low income family, it took him months to even have enough savings to consider the health club the towns most esteemed individuals frequented. With the considerable initiation fee in his pocket, and high hopes of a future where he could finally associate with the upper echelons of society, he set off to the club, for his free day trial.

It was all he had hoped it would be, people he never thought he would speak to, and equipment he never thought he could use. After a shower in the lavish locker room, he resolved to committing every penny of his savings to a membership- Finally he could fit in.

It was in that moment that powerful footsteps echoed from down the hall, and Muscle Master Kevin strode in, a bag bursting with dodge balls over his shoulder, toothpaste in his pocket, and a smile on his face.

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