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Season 8 Episode 6: ZZZ 2

Braden Charron made a big splash, pulverizing Enrique in his MDW debut. Little did he know he know the gloves he’d peeled off the Guatemalan’s hands before punishing his ripped abs had belonged to none other than the Boss.


It’s not enough for Kevin just to beat the big man’s muscles; the Master decides they have to be deprived of oxygen, turning them from his greatest strength to his greatest weakness. A few minutes in the ring has the big man begging for oxygen and mercy, as the boss only releases a hold so Braden can taste the sweet air and learn that it is a gift from the man who owns him.


The Boss is sure to make the point that he isn’t only the Master of his own muscle, but all muscle which steps into his ring, not content until jock-clad Charron is spread on the mats, his every bulging muscle turned into drooping mass.

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