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Season 21 Episode 4: ZZZ 10




Kevin James is a monstrous mountain of shredded, contest shape muscle, and he is ready to show it off. Master Kevin, however, isn’t the kind of man to let anyone but himself be the #1 man with his name in the room. He kindly greets the Muscle God, but beneath the mask of cordiality he quickly assesses every inch of Big Kev, contemplating the ways he will bring him down.


The pro bodybuilder begins to flex and go through an intense posing routine, showing off every developed muscle, honed to perfection over the years. At the perfect moment, MMK strikes, hitting the pro where it hurts- the lungs. The Master Smothers his opponent, bringing over two hundred pounds of lean muscle to the ground.


He begins to taunt his opponent, detailing the control he has over him, as he turns the hunk into a puppet to his power. He throws hold after hold on his opponent- From a dragon hold where he ab bashes the studs rock hard midsection, to a combo where he pins him with both his arms and legs.


In-between and during holds, as his opponent weakens and tries to flex his ever weakening muscles, Kevin traces and punishes each an every individual muscles, from his tree trunk legs, to his meaty pecs. With a smile on his face, the Master puts the beast down for the count, and poses over the napping pro bodybuilder.

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