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Season 27 Episode 2: ZZZ 14



Beefier by nearly fifty pounds, Damien Rush, takes center stage. Shined upon this lusciously hairy, gift to the species, is a deliberately positioned spotlight, specifically purchased – with daddy’s weekly allowance – after the privileged Rush scoured several fancy catalogues of similar impression, the result of which is Damien’s current posing routine; incidentally, Muscle Master Kevin is surveying his flesh slave, pondering a plethora of scenarios that will make the Boss even wealthier, milking his cash cow for his sole benefit. Kevin remarks, with certain severity in his tone, unperceived by Rush, that Damien is now qualified to be called into the class of true muscle freaks. Rush eagerly accepts the praise from Kevin and declares himself a top wrestler. 


“Just one thing missing though..” 

Kevin catches Damien, as Rush reaches the precipice of a front double bicep pose, the Master shoves a dirty, "special" rag down his throat. Damien’s eyes are glazing over but first betray a look of utter shock at this sudden attack. A few months of increasingly accelerating body transformation and potent progress in the gym have rendered Rush totally oblivious to reality before him. As Master Kevin’s arms coil tightly over his rugged muscle prey’s neck, reality finally starts to settle in. And as if being choked wasn’t bad enough, an incapacitating agent is slowly working its way through Damien’s extra muscular body, depriving him of what he already near fatally lacks, oxygen.


“I didn’t say to go out quite yet,” Kevin warns, yanking Rush in a painful jerk to keep the stud conscious. The Boss traces portions of Damien’s thick body, sampling the features he intends to exploit why abusing Rush, once again, for his prophet. 


With Damien’s added size his old posing bikini is now a certified red thong; Rush’s package is bursting, as his sweet muscle boy ass hungrily devours the majority of cloth. Spreading Damien wide while sending him to dreamland must have been on the list of fun ways to exploit the bodybuilder boy, because very little is left to the imagination in this display of ruthless wrecking. Damien doesn’t get the time to despair over the displaying of his vulnerable anus as he chokes and coughs, struggling to catch air, which is being steadily and mercilessly denied him by his Master and Boss. 


Rush’s tongue spills out of his silver spoon-fed mouth, andKevin lifts a heap of lifeless 20-inch bicep mass from the carcass in his lap, displaying the goods, the goods he owns, his property. After all, everyone knows the Master can take anything he wants from anyone at any time, whimsically or deliberately, or for no reason at all. Kevin hits his stride of taking, more and more precious life wind, until Rush is an immobilized, oversized plaything, snoozing near nakedly in Kevin’s lap, until the Boss lifts the past the point muscle freak at the arms, displaying the swelling, limpness, and immense size of his recurring victim.


Beyond the sadistic satisfaction swelling Kevin with immense pleasure, the Boss has an agenda to preach. Allowing rush to regain what he lost in his lungs is another generosity briefly bestowed by Kevin, Until Rush pisses his superior off by trying to leave instead of making money for the Boss like a good overfed muscle bitch boy. Damien is severely punished and quite likely traumatized, but Kevin relents the beating long enough to relate his ultimate intention: Muscle Master Kevin is going to funnel food – jam it in if need be – down Damien’s throat, until the Master is fully satisfied with the ensuing engorgement of Rush’s ever expanding muscles. He starts with a banana.

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