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Damien Rush

Damien is available for:

-Private matches

-Custom Videos

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List of Matches:

Jobber Fest

After his utter defeat at Master Kevin's hands, Bryce returns to his mentor Morgan Cruz, to up his game. But when stud Damien Rush arrives, he seeks to liberate Bryce in a... unique way

Cash Drain 1

Damien Rush is a spoiled boy used to getting what he wants for the price he wants. But when he applies this logic to Master Kevin, it becomes clear that he's in for a lot more .

Chained Stud Friction

When two muscle studs are chained together by Jason Rhodes, they only have two options: Use their hard muscles to break free, or turn on one another.

BDSM Ball Bash 1 

Damien inappropriately tries to grab Morgan's package, and suffers the very dire consequences.

Ball Bash 2

Super heel Henry Sandow makes his MDW debut- Grabbing, spanking, and twisting Damien's balls without mercy.

Power Move Punishment 1

A furious Damien Rush picks The Justin apart with his power moves.

Fantasy Heels 2

Damien Rush has beefed up and is on a streak, overwhelming the rookies in MDW.

Hairy He Men 2

A jacked up, hunky, Damien Rush in a moment of studly aggression calls out a challenge for MDW’s biggest, baddest, meanest wrestler Brutus Krug

Power Move Punishment 2

He-Man Damien Rush continues his tear through the MDW roste

Meaty Muscle Massacre 3

When hunk Rodriguez Cortez catches stud Damien Rush posing in the ring, he is quick to body up to him, comparing hardness and size.

Power Move Punishment 3

Ever since Enrique first developed his six pack abs he acquired a massive, shit eating grin that lets those around him know that he is the best.

Fantasy Heels 3

Cocky and entitled Damien Rush shows up just in time to catch the end of Bryce’s workout. Administering an impromptu anatomy lesson

Hazed and Humiliated 5

An unjust fightclub owner (Cruise) competes monthly in a wrestling tournament to determine a champion within the ranks of black market affairs.

Super Men 1.4 

The Epic Finale and all time best selling showdown of good vs. evil!

Meaty Muscle Massacre 4

Damien Rush is hungry and full of power; he wants the type of match that makes his blood boil

Tag Team Torment 2

Hunter James, a well known beta-bitch, on campus takes humor in testing the alpha studs patience as he applies.

Super Men 3.2

A spandex clad super stud challenges the beefed up super villain- Vain- but even when he's cuffed upped and choked, can he be put down?

Gladiators 2

A wealthy upstart lanista (Damien Rush) is in the market for a new gladiator slave.

Fantasy Heels 8

Mighty Mutant is challenged by privileged daddy’s boy Damien Rush to a series of strength contests.

Hazed And Humiliated 10

Massive shirtless fatass Mountain is airing out his nasty feet proclaiming himself to be the unbeatable big guy, when who should walk in but daddy’s boy Damien Rush

Oil Hunks 10

Two massive egos collide backstage at a bodybuilding competition resulting in a competition of strength to see who will be #1 and who will oil their huge shredded muscles up

Super Men 2.4 

Supremacist has annihilated every superhero on the planet except fpr Aqua Bryce, But does the surprise return of Super Stud spell defeat?

Super Men 3.3

The epic battle of Good vs Evil continues as Wonder Man jumps into the battle.

Six Pack Bash 8

Damien Rush has taken up a job as a fitness instructor. Overseeing Brad Barnes ab workout he cannot help but get himself involved.

Super Men 4.3

After being infected and converted by Parasyte, Symbiote has begun a rampage through the streets.


A thickly bearded Muscle Master Kevin wrestles Damien Rush into a Jacuzzi before water torturing him in the most limit-pushing match yet!

Six Pack Bash 6

ast everything you know about Damien Rush aside. The former pampered, naïve, daddy’s boy has undergone some major maturation creatiing a powerhouse.

Hazed And Humiliated 8

Sexy stud Damien Rush admires his new bulked physique.

Super Men 4.4

Super Stud is looking buff and sexy, but a mysterious gentleman with a few riddles has his target set on the mighty hero!

Super Men 5.4

Super Stud is back to save the day, once again dawning the red and blue spandex suit, bursting at the seams with bulging muscle and other anatomical immensities.

BDSM Ball Bash 8

Tank unleashes some dirty tactics when he faces Damien Rush in the ring,

Fantasy Heels 10

Mark Muscle is the perfect male specimen, and he is ready to show a rude cocky Damien Rush that size does matter.

Oil Hunks 13

Little boy Drake Raven is swept up in Damien Rushes ego- getting punished, but clearly loving being shown his place by a cocky alpha.

ZZZ 13

When Damien Rush can't compete with Kevin James- He has to resort to dirty tricks and a good chokehold.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 7.34

Daddy's Home 8

Young and cocky Damien Rush makes the mistake of of calling Daddy Barboza old- A mistake which gets his balls squeezed and ass spanked red.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.59.27 PM.jpg

ZZZ 18

Damien Rush lays handsome stud Cal Bennet low with a slew of underhanded tactics and holds.


Super Men 11

Cruise lays low the usually invincible Super Stud, grabbing his super-balls and chaining him up for his own enjoyment.


ZZZ 21

Sweaty hunks, constricting holds, rags with special serums- this is not a ZZZ feature to miss!

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 3.21.06 AM.png

Super Men 12

Behold Super Stud in a whole new light- overpowering and demeaning a total Twink with his super powered muscle!

Hairy He men 5

Damien Rush cannot stand the sight of a stronger, bigger, better, and most of all HARRIER man in the ring, and needs to pull his dirtiest tricks to lay the handsome mountain of muscle Zach low.

Oil Hunks 19

Contest shape Braden and hairy hunk Damien square off in the ring in a contest of strength, size, and power.

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