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Season 7 Episode 6: Tag Team Torment 2

Often times wrestlers are carried away to an undisclosed location, after losing a match to a superior man. At the fraternity Alpha Dom Omega, this undisclosed location of punishment and hazing is infamously known as the ‘secret room’.


Now, not only losers are ushered into the secret room, but also any failure initiates, applying for a position in Alpha Dom Omega. Hunter James, a well known beta-bitch, on campus takes humor in testing the alpha studs patience as he applies. The alphas,


Cruise and Rush unflinchingly accept Hunter’s request and conduct the hazing initiation immediately. There is one premise to this two on one mat wrestling match: If James is victorious over both studs, he becomes Alpha Dom Omega’s newest member. Should he be defeated, however, James’ ass is quite literally on the line. As the smiling alphas toy with him on the mats, it becomes clear, they could take that prize at any time.

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