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Season 33 Episode 2: Daddy's Home 8



Cocky stud Damien Rush is quick to insult Barboza when he finds him working out in the MDW ring. However, he didn't realize that his instinct to poke and prod the newest member of the MDW roster would result in a swift response. Barboza immediately unleashed powerful move after powerful move, dazing the stunned Damien. 


As the moves increasingly weaken Damien, daddy Barboza grabs the young studs balls and enjoys feeling them and showing his power and control over him.


He strips Damien out of his singlet, exposing him in his skimpy bottoms and makes Damien declare his submission- calling him Daddy as the moves intensify. He repeatedly torments Damien's nuts and is sure to bend him over his knee and smack the young ass red- A lesson that wont soon be forgotten. 

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