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Season 17 Episode 5: Super Men 4.3




After being infected and converted by Parasyte, Symbiote has begun a rampage through the streets, draining all innocents of their life force until there is nothing left but their clothes as evidence of their existence.


The super villain, having just consumed the last soul in the city is heaving over the remains of his latest victim, craving more power. It is then that Super Stud descends to the scene, approaching the black lycra covered Symbiotie, ready to punish him for his crimes.


Both intimidated by, and craving the Studs power, Symbiotie pleads the hero for mercy, that he cannot control the cravings and to please take him to a safe place where innocents won’t be harmed.


As Super Stud lets his guard down to take the pleading fiend into custody, he is abruptly grabbed and feels his power being trained out of him by the touch of the Symbiotie, who grows stronger each second they are in contact. He punishes and squeezes the hero, mocking him and revelling in how he will put this hero’s power to further his evil ambitions.


He dumps the drained, near lifeless hero on the ground before marching off to continue his rampage.


Super Stud begins to come to after countless hours have passed, and begins to limp his way back to his home base where he can recover and plan how he will take down this new menace.


As he heaves open an exit door, he is greeted by a series of heavy punches before being pinned against the door where he is milked of his energy more by the Symbiote who explains how he left him alive just so he could return to drain him like a battery over and over again, and how this will be his future- waking up to be milked every day for the rest of his days.

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