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Season 43 Episode 2: Super Men 12



Behold Super Stud as you've never seen him before! Fan favorite Super Stud is back, but this time after he subdues a would be thief and is hauling them off to face justice an eager reporter rushes up, noticing the heroic apprehension in progress. Super Stud, being flattered by the reporter, agrees to pose for some photos for the paper- And what better way to pose than using a criminal as a prop for his super strength. Enjoying himself, and convinced it is for the greater good to show that crime doesn't pay, the Stud destroys the Twink, all while the camera catches his power. Awed, the reporter coaxes Super Stud into more and more substantial domination, even overhead presses and hoisting the lil guy up with a single hand. 

As the lesson that crime doesn't pay is made ever more clear, the holds become more and more intense, though with his enormous fan cheering him on Super Stud seems to not mind the pain being inflicted. By the end it is an utterly broken and dangling lil guy that is hauled off to prison by the smiling Super Hunk with a pep in his step from his fully engorged ego.

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