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Season 25 Episode 2: Fantasy Heels 10



There is a muscle monster named Mark Muscle. That’s right, Mark’s last name is muscle. Muscle magnetism is an irrefutable phenomenon and Mark Muscle is its poster boy. The towering stud commands a gravitational orbit that sucks up all the hot bodied boys in the area, as they have no choice but to come check this guy out. 

Victim to compulsion in this circumstance is ego driven daddy’s boy Damien Rush, who can’t seem to help but get his hot hairy self into the thick of muscle wrestling action. Rarely, if ever does daddy’s boy properly evaluate his opponent’s stature. Speaking of stature, Rush is no small man himself, standing six feet and tipping the scales at nearly 220 pounds of bulked up rugged beef.


Perhaps Damien’s swelling size can be blamed for him thinking it was a good idea to interrupt the giant Mark, mid flex. Whatever the case, Rush’s cocky attitude, and brash arrogance look to be the right fuel to fan the flames of Mark’s inner dominator. Mr. Mark Muscle knows his time out in MDW could have gone a bit better and his eagerness to show that his muscles can do damage, combined with an impetus for an ass kicking in the form of a perfectly beatable boy that’s calling him out, will result in a sensationally devastating, muscle power ass kicking. 

Mark Muscle so utterly overpowers his opponent that he even makes a showcase of hiking up Damien's trunks for a midair back then front wedgie, milking Damien's pain and smiling as the rude punk crumbles.

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