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Season 6 Episode 4: Power Move Punishment 3​ 

Ever since Enrique first developed his six pack abs he acquired a massive, shit eating grin that lets those around him know that he is the best. As if his conceited smirk were not enough, the ripped stud has a disdainfully dirty mouth to match his ever arrogant body language


Well Enrique, welcome to Muscle Domination Wrestling you narcissistic bastard, but you are not the first of your kind - in fact another egoist Damien daddy's boy Rush is flexing in the ring waiting for anyone willing to confront him.

The lean Guatemalan, obviously unaware of Damien's muscle power and massive hubris, boldly states that Mr. Rush's muscle is soft from takeout food. An enraged Damien decimates the Brazilian twink, exemplifying just how hard his muscles are. There is no official match here, just a big, bad angry hunk, dishing out the power move punishment.

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