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Season 3 Episode 9: Fantasy Heels 2

For a rookie Hunter James sure manages to find a lot of trouble. His spunky attitude has been leading him to one beatdown after the next. Hunter barks like a dog and screams like a bitch. Case and point, James calls Damien a bitch and the latter dedicates the next half hour of his day to prove otherwise. Rush overpowers James within seconds, however the cocky spunk punk continues to shit talk his opponent. To put an end to the insults Damien quickly works to inflict pain on his much smaller opponent and turn the shit talking rookie into his screaming bitch.

For a good while Rush crushes and controls Hunter until a momentary lapse leaves the door open for a low blow from James. It seems the only offense James knows is how to squeeze a set of nuts but boy does he do it well. "Who's the bitch now?!" screams James as he twists Damien's balls. Hunter's offense is short lived and before long Damien is paying back the ball grabs with his own croch twist. By the end of the match two things are certain: Hunter James is Damien's bitch, and Hunter James likes being Damien's bitch.

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