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Season 41 Episode 2: Super Men 10



The super man is all but invincible, with speed, strength, and physical impenetrability heading a lengthy list of other supernatural abilities. When our hero arrives on the scene in response to a distress call, he imagines that no matter what danger is lurking in the shadows, the light of his mighty prowess will certainly expose and dispose of it and the super man will be no worse for wear. Indeed that is usually how things play out for the caped protagonist and how things would unfold today if the distress call had not been merely a ruse all along instigated by the nefarious lifetime heel, the man Morgan Cruise. 


The bait having been taken, Cruise springs the trap, which can only be one thing. The one and only thing in fact, which can render the super man as helpless as a weakling mortal. In a fair fight, Cruise could never even dream about toppling the man made of steel, who is the ultimate specimen without weakness except for the one which Morgan has handy, making this encounter anything but fair. 


A simple green and faintly glowing rock is all it takes to give Cruise the leverage he needs to take the hero out. Of course, the man of power can never truly be put down for good even with his weakness fully exploited, but Cruise is satisfied in knowing that so long as the rock remains nearby, the hero will remain at the mercy and whim of the conniving villain.

Morgan spends quality time with his adversary, stripping the spandex suit off the hero piece by piece, compelling the super stud to flex his now worthless muscles. Morgan works those muscles over while trash-talking the superior man, though between submission holds is a greedy amount of hard muscle worship that Cruise inflicts upon the hero to emphasize what putty the super man is in the heel’s hands. In demonstration of this point, Morgan goes so far as to lather the prone and cuffed steel stud with plenty of oil without neglecting a single spot of beefy muscle. Cruise’s hands violate every last muscle on the super stud, though the stud’s muscles are not the only part of his anatomy that Morgan rubs and grabs. Beyond just grabbing and twisting the super man’s nuts Cruise takes full advantage of the fact that this opponent can take any amount of punishment without expiring, and so Cruise does nasty things that would finish anyone else off, such as lifting the hero off the ground by the balls and keeping him suspended in agony strung up by his ailing testicles. The ordeal of the super man is Morgan’s unparalleled ecstasy and the delighted Cruise has only just begun!


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