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Season 19 Episode 2: Hazed and Humiliated 10




Massive shirtless fatass Mountain is airing out his nasty feet proclaiming himself to be the unbeatable big guy, when who should walk in but daddy’s boy Damien Rush, strutting his muscles all about, completely oblivious of the mammoth size of his soon to be opponent. Mountain doubles the size of Damien who is a pretty big boy himself. As the two face off the contrast is clear, a shredded healthy looking Rush is attempting to topple the obese monster that no man can fell. Snatched in a Bear hug Mountain squeezes and crushes the spine of the privileged boy. “Beg for mercy pussy!” Mountain is never at a loss for trash talking pretty boys. He loves getting his gelatinous hands all over that alpha male muscle and smashing it to smithereens alongside the big bodybuilder egos.


Mountain runs his grimy feet all over Damien’s handsome face! “Look at you now pussy! You’re no match for the Mountain!” Damien should thank the gods that he does not end up crushed underneath the weight of the big bear of a man who stands atop him, taunting and hazing him.


“You sick fuck,” cries Damien as Mountain’s massive belly rolls around on top of him. Rush is helpless in the grip of his animal weighted foe. Mountain is on a rampage, like an uncontrollable beast looking for the gore. It may be even more proper to liken Mountain to a swamp that sucks its prey in and never lets go, rather it imparts its own grimy properties unto the guest, in this case Rush, and slowly but surely causes the man to sink into its deep dark depths. Such is the scene when Mountain has his blubber arms coiled around Damien’s pampered neck. There is just no escaping the bog monster. Damien has fallen for a trap in the lair of the beast and all his muscle and attitude cannot penetrate the thickly layered slabs of fat that coat the Mountains skin. This is a feast for the Mountain of the most delicious sort, a full helping of jacked up bodybuilder stud and it’s all his.

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