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Season 5 Episode 4: Meaty Muscle Massacre 3

When hunk Rodriguez Cortez catches stud Damien Rush posing in the ring, he is quick to body up to him, comparing hardness and size. Before long, the two meaty men start working one another’s biceps over- then test their solid abs with strikes.


Frustrated and eager to show his dominance, Damien snaps on a crushing side headlock, shoving his meaty arm in his opponents face, a total bicep close-up. Not to be outdone, Rodriguez reverses the hold into a full nelson and a sweaty competition for supremacy follows. The two work over one another’s powerful physiques, tenderizing and stretching out every muscle.


Unwilling to be outdone during a tight mercy match, Rodriguez unleashes low blows that leave Damien’s muscles vulnerable. Rodriguez takes the chance to punish and squeeze every inch of sweaty stud Rush, opening him to a big spear that leaves Rush his beefy plaything. The olive-skinned punishing machine looks smooth and deliberate, by watching his meticulous back breaking offense it is clear that he has trained to rip apart any who fall into his path. All 180 pounds of Rodriguez make a statement, the Spanish bull has put the MDW locker room on notice.

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