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Season 3 Episode 4: Power Move Punishment 1

Damien Rush has beefed up and is on a streak, overwhelming the rookies in MDW. An enthusiastic The Justin speaks passionately in the middle of the ring about his place among the upper ranks in MDW. Damien wastes no time knocking the rookie off his high horse. A few tombstones interspersed with good technical wrestling holds and a slew of big power moves and Damien had The Justin begging for mercy. But Beefy Damien has something to prove and ignores the pleas of the man half his size, elevating him to huge heights before slamming him full force into the mat.

Damien relents only momentarily to pick shots at The Justin's perfectly orthodox name, finding fault with every aspect of the jobber in front of him that had been assured of his in ring success a mere twenty minutes ealier. Damien Rush comes from wealth and was used to getting everything he wanted in life before encountering some steep competition. He has begun a new regime to once again have access to all things. His quest has left a trail of broken men. Rush 3, Rookies 0.

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