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Season 15 Episode 4: Six Pack Bash 8





Damien Rush has taken up a job as a fitness instructor. Overseeing Brad Barnes ab workout he cannot help but get himself involved. Rush insists that Brad continue sit ups while Damien punches his six pack with every rep. Soon Rush is grinding a coiled rope into Brad’s sweet six pack. With a few stomps to the midsection it is clear that Damien is fixing for more than a workout training session; he wants a full on beat down match. He hammers punches into Brad’s midsection. Pushing Brad into a corner, Rush set’s the muscle stud up like a punching bag and unloads all over Barnes’s six pack abs.


Damien mounts Brad and rains down punches to the midsection while taunting the beefy bodybuilder Barnes. Brad screams out in pain with each successive shot to his abs. He screams the loudest when he is put in an abdominal stretch by the crafty Rush, who uses the position to sink in an ab claw.


Barnes is knotted up in the ropes, abs exposed. Damien smashes relentless fists into the helpless Barnes who wails like a child in pain. Damien loves hearing Brad scream. He finds he can really make the bodybuilder wail by snapping on a tight leg scissors and grinding his way into Brad’s bruised abs.


An over the knee backbreaker leaves Brad totally vulnerable for even more ab punishment. The muscle hunk is starting to pass out from the pain. Rush wakes him up with painful props to punish Brad’s abs. Damien is sure to pull out every last scream in Brad’s lungs with a focused abdominal dissection from start to finish.

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