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Season 10 Episode 8: Super Men 3.3




The heart of a superman never ceases to beat. Even when brought to the brink of destruction, the very boundaries of pain and agony, the veins of a hero continue to pump, fueling the fire beneath the steed. The forces of destiny have seen fit to call upon the service of Earth's greatest hero, the recovering Super Stud. Betrayed by the suit, annihilated by Super Heel crushed by Supremacist, and smashed by Vain, the ageless defender of all things good must regroup and deploy himself into battle, allying himself with Wonder Man, in an attempt to finally attain victory and triumph over evil. The legendary super villain Vain has already had his way with Super Stud, who ends up bound, broken and submitted at the feet of ruthless evil. Super Stud has endured the harshest beat downs from all sides; even the binding of the immortal titan Vain, was not enough to subdue his foe. He hopes the aid of a fellow super hero will help him conquer an insurmountable threat.


While the sun still illuminates the earth, a superman cannot die. Bound by a code of honor, Super Stud, time and again, opposes the forces that continually leave him decimated. Throughout every torment there is one thing that remains intact for Stud, his hero's spirit. Given enough recovery time for his cells to soak up the nutrients they need and become supercharged, Super Stud leans on his infinite resourcefulness, enlisting the help of the only man to ever achieve a modicum of success against the nefarious Vain. Little does he know that the mysterious Suit, has gotten to that man first.


Long ago, in the days of the original Super Stud (before he turned Super Heel) Wonder Man was part of a crime fighting duo, a side-kick to Super Stud, whose arch-nemesis was the Venom hormone abuser, Vain. With each successive injection, the power and volatility of the testosterone driven Vain grew, until finally he became invincible. Super Stud had a plan to beat the unbeatable, to repel the forward motion of the unstoppable force. He sacrificed himself to allow a small opening for his side-kick Wonder Man, to shackle Vain and lock him away in frozen solitude. The whereabouts of Vain's containment were known only to Wonder Man and the barely breathing Super Stud. That is, until Suit got himself a handful of Wonder Man's cock and balls and extracted the information from him, ever seeking to improve his own position from the shadows, while manipulating the real muscle. Suit attempted the same sort of puppeteering, by transforming Super Stud into Super Heel, with his vile concoction. That plan failed however, as Super Heel became an uncontainable force.

Suit imagines that Vain does not have the wit required to stave off mind control powers, making him the perfect vehicle to carry out his diabolical plans. Using Wonder Man to ascertain Vain's location was just the first step for the masked mastermind. The Suit accomplished much more than just unleashing Vain, he also was struck by the muscle bound physique of Wonder Man and decided it would be a waste to dispose of such a specimen. Instead, Suit decided to take Wonder for himself, with a special trance inducing kiss.


By the time Super Stud recovers from his bout with Vain, the trance poison has seeped its way into the veins of Wonder Man, turning him into the obedient muscle servant to his new master, The Suit.


Stud pin points the location of Wonder Man, who at first obliges Super Stud, ready to form a team to face Vain. Suit shows up before the two heroes can take flight and activates the mind control with a trigger word. Before Super Stud can understand what has happened, Wonder Man is all over him like an aggressive animal. All inclinations towards good and subsequent inhibitions flee from Wonder Man's super body, causing him to grow stronger. Suit commands the action, directing traffic from a comfortable distance, while his puppet Wonder does his bidding. Wonder Man works over the spandex Stud with a back assault, filled with camel clutching, powerslams, over the knees and a multitude of brute strength forearms. Suit orders Wonder Man to snap on a pair of super cuffs, meant for the fettering of a superman. Once restrained, Stud's chances of overcoming the attack drop drastically, being outwitted once more, by the savvy Suit. Tied up in ropes, bulge exposed, Stud is beaten across the chest with violent, drumming forearms.

Unable to break free from the grip of the handcuffs, Super Stud is rolled into a crab, where his legs join his arms in equal restraint, while his back is bent to a breaking point; Suit creeps very close to the suffering face of Super Stud and reveals his ultimate ambition. Suit gets off on controlling studs. "I'll never be under your control," yells Super Stud. Suit simply laughs at Stud's futile fighting spirit and steps aside allowing his lackey to administer more punishment. Super Stud is put into a sleeper hold, unable to defend his neck against the choke. Suit offers a respite from the submission at the price of joining him. "I'd rather die!" Stud gasps, barely clinging to consciousness. Super Stud is cuffed to the ropes, where defenseless, he is broken down even further. The Suit threatens that while under his control, Wonder Man can output for days on end or until Stud submits.

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